Killing children

Stefan Eischet stefan at
Sat Aug 7 13:14:31 CEST 2004

On 06.08.2004, at 22:03, Laura Conrad wrote:

>>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Eischet <stefan at> writes:
>     Stefan> I sometimes use os.system with pskill from
>     Stefan> -
>     Stefan> this should do what you want.
> I don't see that it really saves me much over using the cygwin kill
> command.

Right. The program I use this in doesn't run on cygwin but on "normal" 
win32, so I have no kill command there.

Another poster mentioned the possible difference between handles and 
pids, which I didn't notice in my case. I only feed the number returned 
from the spawn call into pskill, which just does the right thing.


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