SOAPpy and WSDL and basic authentication

Vivek vivek.bhaskar at
Tue Aug 3 20:51:06 EDT 2004


Can anyone provide me with sample code that will allow me to use
SOAPpy with a WSDL file using HTTP basic authentication? The only
thing I've been able to find on the net is SOAPpy.URLopener. However,
I am unclear what the relationship is between SOAPpy.URLopener and

Is it as straightforward as this?
> from SOAPpy import WSDL
> url = ''
> ssClient = WSDL.proxy(url)
> ssClient.Test() # assuming Test is a SOAP-Action

Or do I need to use SOAPpy.URLopener like so?
> from SOAPpy import WSDL
> from SOAPpy import URLopener
> url = ''
> url1 = URLopener.URLopener(username='user',passwd='pass')
> ssClient = WSDL.proxy(
> ssClient.Test() # assumption as above

Or do I need to do something completely different?

All help is much appreicated.


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