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Gerson Kurz gerson.kurz at
Thu Aug 19 21:50:26 CEST 2004

pyxe is a small executable that will run python scripts on a machine
that doesn't have Python installed. Example: You have the following

def main():
    print "Hello, World"

You can create a binary distribution using 

pyxe /build hello

This will create a directory ./hello which contains all you need. Copy
all files to a host system and run the app using

pyxe hello

That's it. Note that your app must define a 

def main():

which is the main procedure to start from pyxe. There is one known
restriction, sys.argv[] doesn't get properly setup in pyxe
environment. You can fix this yourself: 

import sys
    import cfrompy
    sys.argv = cfrompy.GetSysArgv()
except ImportError:
    assert sys.argv

Easy, eh? Requirements

- On the developer machine, you must have python23 installed.
- On the target machine, no requirements.
- Tested on Windows NT and Windows 2000. You are on your own with
other systems (such as XP, 03 etc.)

pyxe is free for any purpose whatsoever. 


includes the full sourcecode and a sample app in Python which actually
is the "SimpleHTTPServer" webserver ;) Enjoy

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