SciTE as editor for Python: No print formatting under LINUX.

Konrad Koller koko9991 at
Sun Aug 22 11:00:27 CEST 2004

How is print formatting determined under LINUX (PLAT_GTK)?

Neil wrote:
>   On Windows, the same API is used for drawing to the screen and printer so
>SciTE performs printing itself. GTK+ doesn't provide a printing API so SciTE
>calls an external application, with the default being a2ps set by
>command.print.*=a2ps "$(FileNameExt)"
Thank you very much for your valuable hint. I could try to add
appropriate options to a2ps, but to fulfill my formatting demands I
prefer to write a short Python program for printing (only for Linux).
Nevertheless SciTE remains my favorite tool for developments with

Cheers Konrad

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