Python indentation deters newbies?

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Fri Aug 13 23:04:27 CEST 2004

Thomas Bartkus <ThomasBartkus at> pisze:

>    > One of the most commmon reasons programmers cite for not trying Python
>    > is that indentation determines the program flow -- they think its
>    > weird.
>    > I wonder if there is a way to remove this initial barrier.
> Why?  Do we you really want to let just *anyone* in :-)
> When I explain this about Python and I start hearing that flak, I simply
> agree and suggest that Python is not for you.
> Some people should be *forbidden* to move outside of java or VB :-)

Most of newly-addicted to Python says that forced intendation is
something that makes Python programs easier to read and understand.

But you are right, some people should never go outside of (insert your
most hated programming language here, in my case ObjectPascal).

Jarek Zgoda

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