Sound file manipulation in Python

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Fri Aug 27 03:20:04 CEST 2004

"Paul Moore" <pf_moore at> wrote in message
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> Does anyone know of a Python library which handles sound file formats
> (MP3, Ogg, FLAC are the three I'm nost interested in). I'd like
> something that can manipulate "metadata" - stuff like artist, title,
> album tags. I'm not critically interested in format conversion, or
> playing sound files - I can handle that with other applications.
> I'm using Windows, and Python 2.3, if it matters (as it might for C
> extensions).
> I can manage with just reading the metadata, but ideally writing
> would be useful, too. Multiple libraries is OK, but I need something
> more than just MP3.
> If there's nothing available for Python, does anyone know of a good C
> library that could be wrapped? (Or used via ctypes, maybe).
> Thanks,
> Paul.
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> Ooh, how Gothic. Barring the milk.

I would try the Snack toolkit at

High level sound objects, with flexible storage management and streaming
Multiple simultaneous playback and recording threads (system dependent).

  All audio data handled as floating point internally for fast and accurate
  Multi-platform, same scripts usable on Windows 95/98/NT/2K/XP, Linux,
Macintosh, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and SGI IRIX.

  Script compilation tool included, for easy deployment using stand-alone

  Filters which can be used to process sound objects or during playback for
on-the-fly operation.

  Visualization with waveforms, spectrograms, and spectrum sections.
Postscript support.

  Real-time visualization/spectrum analysis.

  Web enabled, possible to run scripts embedded in web pages through the use
of the Tcl plug-in.

  Extensible, new commands, filters, and sound file formats can be added
using the Snack C-library.

  Lots of examples included as well as a skeleton C-extension.

  Supported sound file formats: WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, CSL, SD, SMP, and


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