Alternative decorator syntax - POLL RESULTS SO FAR - ARE WE DONE?

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Tue Aug 24 15:22:39 CEST 2004


Le 22-08-2004, Paul McGuire <ptmcg at> a écrit :
> Well, after 3 days of open polling, the number of additional votes have
> dropped off pretty dramatically.  Here are the results so far:
> Total voters: 55 (with 3 votes each)

Here is my vote, in case it can still be included.

C2 C2 J2

Concerning the choice of the keyword, I'd vote *against* decorate and for
something like predef (J2), with (C2, J2), using (C2).

Concerning the @-thingy, it's the worst proposal I have ever heard concerning
Python. Sounds too cryptic to be true... must be a joke.

I'd like to add that the EuroPython poll was clearly in favor of *not* using
the @thing in front of functions and that this poll results also said that
people would rather not include the "decorator" feature in the next
release than include it as described.

Last but not least, the best option would IMHO not to implement so-called
decorators without thinking seriously about what they are supposed to do
exactly, as title 7 says at

In other words "it's getting urgent to wait".

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