age of Python programmers

Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Aug 18 18:43:09 CEST 2004

Robin Becker <robin at> writes:

> Thomas Heller wrote:
>> Robin Becker <robin at> writes:
>>>Lucas Raab wrote:
>>>>One thing I've always kind of wondered is what is the average age of a
>>>>Python programmer?? What age groups use Python?? Something to think
>>>57, used to build my own logic using gas discharge tubes :)
>> 48, but my first logic was build using 24V relays.
> yea I also did stuff with relays and strowger telephone switches, far
> more exciting than billions of fet transistors simulating an electric
> fire :)

Maybe.  My ring counter with 12 relays or so ran at a frequency of about
5 Hertz, after a week of drilling and soldering, nowadays I could desing
ring counters running at hundreds or maybe even thousends of MHz, use a
1.7 V supply, only by entering some VHDL code (*) at the computer,
compiling and downloading it to an FPGA.

But the FPGA doesn't make the same noise ;-)

(*) I have still to try Jan Decaluwe's (sp?) MyHDL to create the
ringcounter, or even more complicated things, with Python.

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