J2 paper 0.2.1

Nigel Rowe rho at see.signature.invalid
Mon Aug 23 11:52:09 CEST 2004

Robert Brewer wrote:

> The first draft of the J2 proposal is ready. You can read it here:
> http://www.aminus.org/rbre/python/pydec.html
> At this point, I am looking for comments regarding the proposal. Once I
> believe I have addressed a sufficient number of concerns, I will freeze
> the document and call for signatories, both for and against, then send
> it to Guido. Until that time, expect the draft to change multiple times
> each day (there's a meta tag with the version number if you care to
> check).
> In this thread, please do not introduce discussions regarding syntaxes
> other than J2 and A1. Limit your comments to the three arguments,
> literary critique, and praise for Mr. Sparks who is providing the
> implementation. Oh, and somebody let me know if you rampaging lot crush
> my little server. ;)
> Robert Brewer
> Amor Ministries
> fumanchu at amor.org

It's a *very* minor nit (which just indicates how much basic agreement I
have with the document overall), but, could the list of example keywords be
put in alphabetical order?


predef, prologue, preamble, preface, helper, amend, using, having, qualify,
extend, confer, meta, through, per, via, by


amend, by, confer, extend, having, helper, meta, per, preamble, predef,
preface, prologue, qualify, through, using, via

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