MSI Installer issues

Richard Hanson me at
Mon Aug 9 23:39:03 CEST 2004

[NB: This post contains little of substance -- the gratitude is
real, however.]

[Tim Peters wrote:]

>[...] "low-res" may be a feature, as some
>people have very low screen resolution settings and very large fonts. 

My Fujitsu LifeBook P1120 (Win2k SP2) has a 1024x600 pixel screen
(and tweaked fonts to compensate for the rapidly worsening
lighting conditions coincidentally appearing just as I age

A common problem I run into is that the occasional dialog box is
too tall for the available screen real estate. 

(This problem is exacerbated by my preference to have the taskbar
not hide -- driving Windows is difficult enough without having a
not inconsiderable amount of third-party-apps sitting in my
systray helping to clue me in on just what-all-in-hell is going
on with this machine. This strategy sometimes even works. <wink>)

In any event, while the current (2.4a2) MSI installer's dialog
box is one of those too-tall ones, thankfully, Martin's MSI
installer dialog thoughtfully provides scrollbars to make dealing
with the problem much less onerous. 

Martin's too-tall-for-my-screen installer is the *only* too-tall
dialog I've encountered which *has* provided the scrollbars --
including some from BIG_NUM-bucko corps. 

So, no particular point. I just wanted to say good job to all the
contributors -- thanks!

-- Richard

R Hanson [The mangled email addie below works.]

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