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Tue Aug 3 04:06:16 CEST 2004


At the same time, there are other questions besides an issue with open 
source or close source development.

These 4 questions in my original email are probably more important to 
me, personally...

2. Will there be any form of intellectual property claims, including, 
copyrights, trade marks, patents, on any form of work generated from the 
PSF Grant by the Python Software Foundation (PSF) or any of its 
associates? If so, what are the precise nature of it? This is important 
as it may injure the research work and subsequently, the resultant 
thesis and publications directing towards the award of my degree.

3. On the website (, it is 
stated that the project of which the grant is granted for must be 
completed by October 30, 2005. In event of failure to meet, what will be 
the penalities?

4. From Question 3, what constitutes partial failure or complete failure 
of the project?

5. From Question 4, it is stated on the website 
( that a delivery plan is 
essential in the proposal. How will delay in delivery affect the payment 
plan and the grant on the whole?

The answers to these questions are something that the grant committee 
can answer now as it involves internal policy. As for Question 2, I 
cannot be in a project that will take up my time and cannot be directed 
towards the award of my degree.

The next 3 questions deal closely with my lab's financial budgetting and 
without any answers to these questions, I can be in dire straits when 
things doesn't go as planned.


Tim Peters wrote:
> [Maurice Ling, wants to know whether PSF grants require funded work to be
>  open-sourced, etc]
> While I'm a PSF Director, I'm not on the Grants Committee and don't
> speak for them.
> I'll just note that since the PSF is a public charity (under US tax
> law), there are a lot of rules the PSF has to comply with when
> distributing its funds.  I expect that answering your questions will
> require paying a lawyer to spell out what's possible.  I don't know
> what they'll say.  In general, the PSF is required to act in the
> public interest.
> That said, the PSF doesn't have a ton of money, and there will almost
> certainly be more worthy requests for funding than there are funds to
> pass out.  Proposals will therefore compete.  If I were on the Grants
> Committee, whether a proposal would benefit the public at large would
> be a major consideration for me.  IOW, I think it's predictable-- and
> appropriate --that proposals to fund open-source work will "score
> points" for that reason alone.

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