Debunking Art - fraudster with python AI engine?

Nick primz at
Sun Aug 22 21:37:52 CEST 2004


I recently went to an art exhibition, and one of the artists had an AI
engine projected onto a screen with a keyboard for visitors to type
questions in with.

Curiously, I asked the artist if he had written the engine. He claimed
to have, but as far as I know, he has done no AI study, and only
started programming python some months ago.

Naturally, I find it hard to believe he has picked up on natural
language processing and the other various skills required to write AI
engines in that time. My guess is he has a python AIML interpreter,
and he's found a default "brain" somewhere and tweaked it with some of
his own stuff in order to pass it off as his own.

The engine could answer all the usual questions, like "what is the
meaning of life" (42), "what is your name", "how old are you" etc etc.
It was just a chatterbot, so ELIZA or a deriviative is marked off the
list. I am guessing probably an ALICE engine is behind it all. Does
anyone know any questions or commands one can issue the bot which
might identify it? It required all questions to start with a capital
letter, if thats any help.



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