Python secure?

Reid Nichol rnichol_rrc at
Mon Aug 16 07:18:19 CEST 2004

> My reason for choosing Python was one, that it is free, so if my efforts
> amount to nothing I haven't wasted money, two, that it is supposed to be an
> easy language when compared to some others and three, that my application
> when finished, probably wouldn't sell for that much and not in any great
> quantities for me to gamble spending something like £1000 on Visual C /
> ++ this that and the other or whatever.

Free C/C++ compiler (win32) through:
gcc/g++ on cygwin
or with the ide

And of course any *NIX will come with gcc/g++ pre-installed.

But learning C/C++ right off the bat makes for bad programming habits 
and loss of hair.  I would still recommend getting down the basics of 
programming with Python and then moving onto C or C++ (especially if you 
are learning on your own).  Of course that is if these languages suit 
your project better.

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