zipfile module: problems with filename having non ascii characters

vincent_delft at vincent_delft at
Sun Aug 22 09:30:08 CEST 2004

Jeff Epler wrote:

> Zip files don't have a way to define the encoding of filenames---names
> are just byte strings, and different utilities may interpret them in
> different ways.  The only thing that seems to be defined is that '/' is
> the directory separator, and possibly that the filename can't contain
> '\0'.

Thanks, I've got the problem and replace all "\" to "/".

> You can probably find the encoding that winzip uses with a little
> trial-and-error, and convert your filenames in your encoding to
> filenames in that encoding.  This may depend on the language or region
> of the installed Windows, though.

Thanks for the explanation.

That limitation is only valid for zip files ?
Is there an another "compression tool" that don't have such limitation
(tgz? , bz2? , ???à

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