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In article <65adnQvUKIK_C7_cRVn-jQ at>, Peter Hansen wrote:
> Sandy Norton wrote:
>> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>>In the vein of Jython, I wonder what it would take to build
>>>a Flython?  (Lousy name, I know.)  That would take Python
>>>source, presumably a subset since some things couldn't be supported,
>>>and compile it into ActionScript bytecode (aka the bytecode compiled
>>>from ECMAScript source for the Macromedia Flash player environment).
>> Have you looked at
> Briefly, but I'm not fully qualified to judge.  I wrote this
> in another post that you might not yet have seen:
> """Ming appears to be in an extremely early form, and there are
>     suggestions it's not very stable yet (and I think that word was used
>     in the sense of "unreliable", not just "changing").
>     The script support appears to be "C-like, with a very limited
>     feature set".  Doesn't even allow function calls?!  That
>     can't be good.
> """

This was roughly my reaction as well. It seems like the project kind of
stalled, and its support for ActionScript is very minimal. But it's a neat
library for simple stuff, like rendering (non-interactive) vector graphics,
and turning images into SWFs (which used to be necessary before Flash 6
added support for dynamic loading of JPEGs). I've actually used it from
mod_python for this purpose before.

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