jython and java exceptions

Alan Kennedy alanmk at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 14:10:42 CEST 2004

[Jan Gregor]
 > I tried it again with SQLException only but my main loop ends with
 > uncatched com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException.

Strange indeed. The only explanation I can think of offhand for the 
exception not being caught is if com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException 
is not a subclass of java.sql.SQLException.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the javadoc for the Sybase JDBC 
driver online (which is poor performance from Sybase).

Try code of the following form to see what the nature of the exception is

import java.lang.Exception
import java.sql.SQLException

   # Insert your exception generating code here
except java.lang.Exception, jlx: # Catch every possible java exception
   if isinstance(jlx, java.sql.SQLException):
     print "Exc %s is subclass of java.sql.SQLException" % jlx.toString()
     print "Exc %s != subclass of java.sql.SQLException!" % jlx.toString()

Run that and let us know what the output is.

alan kennedy
email alan:              http://xhaus.com/contact/alan

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