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Oklahoma City Demographic Analysis Workshop Announcement- Still Time to

When:   September 9th and 10th, 2004 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm  (One Day
Workshop. Participants may choose either day.)
Where:  New Horizons Computer Training Center, 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW
Expressway, Suite R305 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Fee:     $225 w/credit card at time of registration, $249 for check or
purchase order after workshop Register Now

Register online at or call us at 877.241.6576.
The Oklahoma City Demographic Analysis Workshop will teach you to extract,
query, download, analyze, and map Census demographic data for OKC and
surrounding communities. (Note: Participants may substitute their own
community in exercises-all techniques are directly transferable to other
communities). Such data can provide grant writers, social researchers and
community planners with powerful tools for analyzing community changes.
This is a streamlined, “hands on” workshop where each participant works on
their own computer throughout the day. 

This workshop also provides an introduction to Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) which includes a discussion of GIS trends and common uses,
where to easily obtain mapping files, a demonstration of the map browser
ArcExplorer (included with your materials), hands on practice making basic
maps online and suggestions for making effective maps. See a detailed
Materials include: A comprehensive workbook that includes the workshop
presentation, exercises, reference materials and a valuable Demographic
Data Resource CD. This CD includes useful GIS tools such as ArcExplorer and
several shapefiles for all communities in the United States. Materials also
include a 60 day trial version of ArcView 8.3, a leading GIS software. Also
included is the 2003 US Statistical Abstract which includes an extensive
selection of statistics for the United States, with selected data for
states, metropolitan areas and cities. 
This workshop will:
Teach you to extract, query, download, analyze, map and present 2000-1990
Census of Population and Housing and 2003 American    Community Survey data
that includes Poverty, Race/Ethnicity, Age, Housing, Language and

Teach you to construct a Local Community Change Profile. The Profile is
comprised of key demographic variables and customized for OKC and a Census
tract within OKC (participants may also substitute their own community);

Teach you analytical, demographic and spatial analysis techniques including
commonly used mathematical formulas to transform raw data into compelling

Teach you about Census geography including common problems such as working
with non-Census boundaries, analyzing change over time despite boundary
changes and how to use new mapping functionality recently built in to
American Factfinder; 

Provide you with exceptional materials that you can use immediately to
assist with social research and analysis.

Former Workshop Participants' Comments: 
View Other Participants' Comments 
Oklahoma University, Research and Evaluation Center (2003)
"Very helpful update on the new technology available from the census bureau
and the thematic maps are extremely important and very much under utilized."
Oklahoma University, Institute For Public Affairs (2003)
"Thanks very much. I wasn't sure this would be beneficial but it exceeded
my expectations in every way. This was an excellent use of my time!"
City of Edmond, Oklahoma (2003)
"Very informative. Every city planner and grant writer should attend this

Oklahoma Department of Human Services (2003)
"Beneficial, Enjoyable and learned new demographic census processes and the
materials were very helpful."
SmartGirl Technologies is a social research company located in Portland,
Oregon.  For more information about the workshop, who we are and what we
do, check out our website at

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