MSI Installer Problem: can't install 2.4a2 on new install of Win2kSP2

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Thu Aug 26 23:21:21 CEST 2004

Richard Hanson wrote:
> (I have much to learn in writing concise posts, alas -- I appreciate
> your patience.)

That is indeed the problem. I stopped reading after the first paragraph.
I'm still uncertain whether you are talking about the original problem
(failure to install the Python msi file), or about the second problem
(MSI file installs fine, but IDLE fails to work) in this message.

> I'm at a loss, still. Surely, something I had previously installed in
> my own prior installation silently installed something needed for the
> Python 2.4a2 install *other than the MSI Installer 2.0* and is
> currently missing from my reinstall...?

Why do you think so?

> I'm going to try to redownload the Python install file (mine is
> filesize: 10,691,072 bytes) even though it "seems" fine -- as I'm
> running out of ideas.

If the installation completed with the dialog stating it completed
successfully, it probably did complete successfully indeed.
If you still see a problem, it is likely that this problem is
unrelated to the installation. However, I lost track as to what
this problem might be, and how you have tried to narrow it down.


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