I would really like the code for a dome in vpython

Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 22 02:17:33 CEST 2004

>> .... 
>> http://www.applied-synergetics.com/ashp/html/domes.html
>> ....

> I went to the link you gave but the link to download the software is broken. :(

Ali .... 

  You might try the following link 
  for  dome/windome  software from Synergetics ....

  This is a 6 frame animated GIF I put together back in 2001
  using this software which shows full geodesic spheres
  constructed from an icosahedron base ....      
      [ 940 KB ]      

  The sphere becomes more and more rounded
  as the division frequency of the icosahedron
  increases ....
Cousin Stanley
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Phoenix, Arizona

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