ANN: libgmail 0.0.7 - Gmail access via Python - Now with FTP Proxy!

François Pinard pinard at
Wed Aug 4 21:08:16 CEST 2004

[Jack Diederich]

> Seriously, it is great that you are doing stuff and sharing it but
> we don't need a status update every three days.

These announcements are much more on target for the Python list than
some other posts we sometimes see here.  Moreover, if the progress is
worth many announcements, they are welcome so far that I am concerned,
and the maintainer deserves at the very least the right of sharing his
enthusiasm around, where people might choose to pick it up.

A message like the one quoted above may well kill enthusiasm, and is
counter-productive.  A good and nice walk outside, admiring birds,
enjoying the sun and greenery, breathing fresh air, might put everyone
in a better mood and be more useful, overall, for the community. :-)

François Pinard

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