Decorator syntax

Anthony Baxter anthonybaxter at
Sat Aug 7 22:40:32 CEST 2004

On Sat, 07 Aug 2004 20:15:01 +0200, Reinhold Birkenfeld
<reinhold-birkenfeld-nospam at> wrote:
> But I fear that without a formal "voting" Python will go the pragmatic
> way - that is, keep @ as it's already implemented.

Sorry - but would "formal voting" be a good way to design a language?
Based on various languages that have gone through a committee type
process, I'd have to say "god no".

> So what would be the most effective way to notify the developers that
> (I'm guessing) 90% of the Python community dislike the @ syntax and want
> an other?

As I've said (repeatedly) - this isn't a popularity contest. The point is to 
produce the best technical result. If you have a better solution, put together
a case for it, and convince Guido.

I'd also question how you can be so sure that "90% of the community
dislike it" -
over on python-dev, there's been quite a number of people who've actually
tried the syntax, and found it to be quite good. This includes me - 
when I first saw it, I recoiled, but after using it, I find it pretty good. 
Please, please - download a2. Try the decorator syntax out (or look at
test_decorators, or the hopefully-finished-with-the-rewrite-soon PEP318
(which I'll also post here) for examples.


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