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Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 12 15:42:59 CEST 2004

Russell Blau wrote:

> "Peter Hansen" <peter at> wrote in message
> news:cvmdnbvUcbh--obcRVn-uw at
>>"Russell Blau" <russblau at> wrote in message
>> > Actually, I don't know the meaning of  ``.
>> > On some languages, it means "evaluate": Is it the same meaning in
>> > Python?
> Ummm, actually, that wasn't me you were quoting; it was the OP who replied
> to my message pointing out that `x` doesn't mean the same as 'x'.

Quite right... my apologies for the bad editing.  It was
'Cpt Picard' who wrote that, not Russell.


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