console window not disappearing with py2exe

Lucas Raab pythongnome at
Tue Aug 31 01:22:41 CEST 2004

In your original source file, change the .py file extension to .pyw. The
.pyw extension tells the python exectuable to run without showing the
console. Then remove the "windows" stuff in your setup file.

"Matthew K Jensen" <mattjensen at> wrote in message
news:173c23bb.0408301410.49b27fe4 at
> In another one of my silly apps, I'm using 'windows=' in the setup
> script. I can't get the darn console window do disappear. Since the
> said app is going to be used with people that have less-than-average
> knowledge in computers, it is imperative that this window goes away. I
> tried sys.frozen = "windows_exe" and it doesn't work. I'm not sure
> what to do. Please save me!
> -Matt K Jensen

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