is it possible to create an object by its name in the run time

Yang Zhang yangzhangbuffalo at
Tue Aug 17 20:37:49 CEST 2004

 Hi all,
        I wonder if it is possible to create an object of func, class or
 method in the run time by it's name? To make it more clear, let me show
 you an example: I parsed the python code and found a function with name
 I want to know if it is a build-in func(where can I look up?). If so,
 it otherwise I want to find out which module is it defined in. All I know
 is the name (which is a string), and all the modules that this program have
 imported. In the same way, I also need to process the class and methods
 call. I wonder if it is possible? I will appreciate your help very much!!


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