Cousin Stanley CousinStanley at HotMail.Com
Fri Aug 13 17:35:02 CEST 2004

Daniel Ellison wrote .... 

| I have to agree that Python compiled to swf bytecode 
| would be very handy indeed. 
| I'm no fan of HTML-based web applications, 
| but there are currently few alternatives. 
| Flash could be an excellent alternative, 
| but few developers want to take the time to learn (and purchase!) 
| the Flash authoring application to create a better web GUI.
| I *like* "Flython" as a name! :) 
| A flying python!  I can see the logo now...

Dan .... 

  There is a freeware alternative called Powerbullet
  for  creating/editing  Flash  .swf  files 
  that runs under Windows ....

  I've only done limited testing with it under Win98,
  but it seems to work OK ....

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