Alternative decorator syntax decision

Bernhard Herzog bh at
Fri Aug 20 20:16:08 CEST 2004

Steven Bethard <steven.bethard at> writes:

> I would advise against this.  GvR has said from the beginning that he
> doesn't want to see a vote

Er, you're already having a vote :-)

> -- he wants to see convincing proposals and a more or less 
> unified community support. 

Yes.  But what if the majority of the community favors pies of J2?

> He's also said that he'd be willing to consider 
> adding two syntaxes for a while if we could really agree on a single 
> alternative syntax.

Where did he say that?

> So while the vote for non- at pie syntaxes seems to have been useful for focusing 
> our discussions for an alternative proposal, I can't see what use a vote 
> between J2 and @pie would do. 

Making sure that J2 is really what the community can rally behind.  My
fear is that if you present J2 to him as the community choice he might
actually chose it even though nobody knows whether that really is what
the majority of the community wants.

What Guido did say (in his python-dev posting with Message-Id:
<200408092014.i79KEh123856 at>) was:

    The community is to come up with *one* alternative that they
    universally prefer over @decorators; otherwise,
    @decorators-before-def will stay.  (I'll even give you *two* if the
    community can agree that both are acceptable and really wishes to
    let me pick one.)

I just want to make sure that J2 is really what we "universally prefer
over @decorators"


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