Doug Holton insert at
Sat Aug 7 03:16:48 CEST 2004

Mark Bottjer wrote:
>> Incorporation of all or part of
>> the PEP would also be
>> appreciated.
> Neat page. I would like to flesh out (5.D), though, as it is not quite 
> just "(5.C) with pie syntax" like the document currently states:
> I would be happy to add these myself if someone would tell me how?

You have to click on the "UserPreferences" link on the top right of the 
page and create an account (with a username like MarkBottjer and a 
Then when you refresh the PythonDecorators page you will be able to 
click an EditText link at the bottom of the page to edit it.

I noticed you posted the "@decorators at the top of function body" idea 
right before I posted it here, too.  See the "compromise?" thread.

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