elements of decorator syntax suggestions

Dan Bishop danb_83 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 06:47:43 CEST 2004

Jarek Zgoda <jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl> wrote in message news:<cf3mt8$948$1 at atlantis.news.tpi.pl>...
> Erik Max Francis <max at alcyone.com> pisze:
> >> Overloading a unary prefix operator is out.  As Anthony said, vertical
> >> bar seemed to be the leading contender on python-dev Friday.  You can
> >> find tedious arguments there about most of the others that would go
> >> for you.
> > 
> > Why is | superior to @?  | already has a meaning in Python, and it has
> > nothing to do with decorators ... at least @ has the virtue of currently
> > being unused in the language, and having the precedent of being used for
> > a similar feature in Java.
> Sure, use all characters, that are still not used. Fine. I propose "^".

Already used (bitwise exclusive OR).

> If this fails, please consider "~"

Already used (bitwise inversion).

> and "`".

Already used (`x` is a shorthand for repr(x))

> Oh, and ";" is still not used in Python,
> what about some special meaning for that one?

Already used (statement separator).

The only ASCII characters that aren't used in Python are '@', '$', and '?'.

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