PEP318: radical notion

Arien Malec arien_malec at
Wed Aug 25 02:26:47 CEST 2004

Christophe Cavalaria <chris.cavalaria at> wrote in
news:412bc7e6$0$4065$626a14ce at 

> Arien Malec wrote:

>> Is there a valid use case that supports arbitrary magical
>> non-metadata transformations of standalone functions?
> memoize for example. No metadata, only transformation, doesn't really
> apply to a member function in fact ( although it might be possible à

Classically, memoize is implemented as function composition, or as a true 
GoF decorator. It's not clear (to me, at least) how much benefit the 
syntactic sugar gets you.
> Why is it that there are always some people who doesn't understand all
> the possibilities of decorators and so want to minimise their
> usefulness ? 

I dunno. Who are those people? My objection to PEP318 is that makes 
something that's really powerful (arbitrary transformation) look like a 
trivial declaration. In Common Lisp, for instance, a defmacro form hints 
that powerful mojo is being performed; the same is not apparent in 


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