VB-like GUI designer?

simo simoninusa2001 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 13 00:59:55 CEST 2004

Replying to my own post to Roger Binns:

> > > I noticed you have RPMs for Linux - so what do they include - a
> > > complete wxWidgets/GTK+/Python distribution, plus your files?

> > The file in /usr/bin is a shell script that just execs the dotamatic
> > binary in /usr/lib.  The dotmatic executable is actually the Python
> > interpretter with an archive containing the bytecode appended.
> > Only the Python and wxPython modules used are present.

It seems you're using cx_Freeze, well I've just got 3.0b2 working
under Windows, but I seem to recall I could never get 2.2 to work
under Linux, time to try again I guess.

It doesn't seem quite as nice as py2exe under Windows - doesn't do
resource editting, so you still need to include a manifest file and
link the .ico to the Desktop shortcut etc; but if it will work better
than McMillan Installer under Linux, I shall be very pleased!

Then I have to figure out how to make KDE/Gnome Desktop shortcuts,
make RPMs, oh and finish my program! ;o)

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