Python indentation deters newbies?

Paramjit Oberoi p_s_oberoi at
Mon Aug 16 20:23:03 CEST 2004

>> It seems to me that you're asking for a rational explanation
>> for an emotional response.  It's like asking somebody "*why*
>> don't you like pickled beets?" The answer you get is "I just
>> don't." 
> Hmm... not for me.  The answer would be "because they
> taste like dirt", or "I hate purple", or "anything pickled
> sucks".  "I just don't" looks a lot like a cop-out.  If

That's what you would say, but who knows whether that answer would be
correct?  It could be that you are simply not comfortable with answers
like "I just don't" which go beyond logic, and thus your brain
manufactures reasonable logical reasons when needed.  "I don't know" may
actually be a more honest response than whatever logical response is

Reasoned, rational reactions are our attempts to understand how we
function.  Our nervous system doesn't care about reasoned, rational


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