"Socket" files?

Paulo da Silva psXdaXsilva at esotericaX.ptX
Thu Aug 26 01:36:46 CEST 2004

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Paulo da Silva <psXdaXsilva at esotericax.ptx> wrote:

> Why exactly do you want to create one and keep it on disk
> without doing anything with it?  That doesn't seem make any
> sense at all.
Well, I never programmed anything using fifo or sockets.
What I need to do as part of a work is to get information
about some disk or a dir contents and then replicate it
later (something like a backup). I don't really know if
those "files" of type socket have any other role behind
sockets communication. So I thought of replicate them also.
I have seen that tar doesn't seem to "save" them, but cp does.
BTW, those "files" are kept after issuing close().

Thank you for your comments on this.

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