age of Python programmers

Arthur Rambo arambo314 at
Wed Aug 18 23:44:32 CEST 2004

The answer to the question about the Universe and Everything
incremented by one.


Started programming at 15 with the TI-59 (Texas Instruments), than
Basic on the TRS-80, Pascal on the Apple II-e and IBM PC, Lisp on the
Macintosh, and finally *Python* (the best language I've ever seen for
the kind of things I'm doing) on the IBM PC.

"Lucas Raab" <pythongnome at> wrote in message news:<jQHUc.1529$2L3.505 at>...
> One thing I've always kind of wondered is what is the average age of a
> Python programmer?? What age groups use Python?? Something to think
> about....

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