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Peter Kleiweg in.aqua.scribis at nl.invalid
Tue Aug 17 22:22:57 CEST 2004


I am looking for a Python equivalent of Flex. After some
browsing, it seems that Plex is my best bet, but I would like to
hear suggestions before I dive in.

I have been using Flex a lot in combination with C programming.
I never use Yacc (or Bison), though Flex and Yacc are supposed
to be used together. But I found Yacc too cumbersome, and
unnecessary. Yacc is about context-free grammars, nice if you
like to describe an input language as a set of context-free
rewrite rules. Flex is about finite-state automata, but can be
extended to push-down automata (equivalent to context-free
grammars) and beyond, as long as it stays deterministic. I found
this to be very productive. I prefer automata over rewrite rules.

So, what I am looking for is a Python version of Flex that
supports the following capabilities, which are also supported by Plex:

- assigning any Python code to a matched input pattern

- input pattern recognition depending on 'states', which can be
  changed through actions

Things that seems to be missing from Plex:

- patterns like:
   A/B : match A only if followed by B, give A as result, keep B
         in the input stream

- actions like:
   REJECT: ask the flexer to come up with the next best match for the
           same input
   LESS(n): push n characters back into the input stream

All these are not really necessary, but they make some things

So, are there any other packages that do these things better
than Plex?

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