Peter Kleiweg in.aqua.scribis at nl.invalid
Fri Aug 20 21:16:24 CEST 2004

george schreef:

> Newbie question.
> Installed Python 2.4 successfully.
> However, double clicking on the IDLE icon activates the hour glass
> cursor and then dies. The IDLE window does not come up.
> I am sure it is something trivial that I am not doing

Happended to me too. Idle is trying to get access to tcp/ip
services and can't find them on Windows. You have to start Idle
with an option to disable threading, or something. Don't know
what feature exactly, I'm not on Windows now, luckily.

In any case, you should open a shell Window, and start Idle from
the command line. That should tell you what the problem is.

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