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Sat Aug 7 09:54:12 CEST 2004

Howard Stearns <howard.stearns at> wrote in message news:<41141FF1.2030606 at>...
> Of course, the first thing I did was re-implement generic functions.  But 
> other than that, I'm must using the libraries. They're good. I'm having 
> fun again!

Oh, here you are! Just today, I have written a post which use your generic
functions module in combination with decorators! 

> The one thing I've found annoying is that I haven't yet discovered how to 
> do whatever I want in lambda expressions. I have top-level assignments 
> where I'd like create a function to use as the the value being assigned. I 
> don't know how to define a named function in a top-level assignment, and a 

> lambda won't allow me to use 'try' and other statements -- just 
> expressions. Or am I looking at things wrong?

You cannot use "lambda" as you would do in Lisp; you must use named 
functions. Fortunately, decorators help a bit (see my post on generic functions).

            Michele Simionato

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