IronPython-0.6 is now available!

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Tue Aug 3 08:13:13 CEST 2004

Ely Stob wrote:
> Where is the referent of your asterisk?

Oops. It slipped under the table. Here it is:

(*) A lot of languages which appear to be supported on .NET really
aren't, atleast not in their original form. Instead, a .NET version
of the language gets defined, which deviates in its semantics and
feature set from the original syntax. I would expect the same to be
the case for IronPython.

> I'm very much interested in why you insist that the CLR does not work
> well for Python, in the face of an apparently solid existence proof,
> in the form of IronPython, that that simply isn't the case.
> I know you have a sound understanding of Python, and sometimes
> understanding beats apparent empirical evidence...

So far, I believe it is hard to tell, because IronPython is still
not complete. However, I firmly believe that you cannot make a
full Python implementation (i.e. with the language reference and
the portable standard libraries) on .NET which is also CLS
compliant. Maybe IronPython does not aim at being CLS compliant,
which might improve the chances that it is Python.

To see what I mean in other languages: Managed C++ is a language
different from C++, for example, the delete operator has a different
meaning in managed C++ than it has in standard C++. Likewise, J#
is a language different from Java. Essentially, I believe that
all these .NET languages are just different ways to write C#.


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