play a midi file from the interpreter?

Elaine Jackson elainejackson7355 at
Mon Aug 30 04:31:10 EDT 2004

Could you sketch me a useage example? I'm finding the documentation extremely
sparse. I've heard of 'pipes', but I don't actually know what they are.

"Max M" <maxm at> wrote in message news:4132CFE1.20004 at
| Elaine Jackson wrote:
| > (How) can you make it so that a function invoked in the python interpreter
| > run another program? (Like the webbrowser module does, only not with a web
| > browser.) If it matters the OS is Windows98 and the specific aim in mind is
| > have a function that saves some data as a midi file and then causes the said
| > midi file to play.
| Use the popen() call in the os module.
| regards Max M

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