ANN: Python Decrypt PDF script -- builds on pdftools

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Sat Aug 21 03:32:07 CEST 2004

davidb at (David Boddie) wrote in message news:<4de76ee2.0408200350.3ccb9c50 at>...
> Unfortunately, I couldn't find any protected PDF files to test your script
> out on. Can you provide some URLs?
I found some examples here (protected/encrypted with no user

 * <>
 * <>

It also looks like the following GPL'd tool enables you to encrypt
without Adobe tools:

 * <>

> Do you want to supply a patch for pdftools to allow these sorts of files
> to be supported transparently?
The code works well enough for me at the moment that my motivation for
taking it further is a little low at the moment, sorry. :-) I'm not
sure how straight-forward it would be to add it transparently, as at a
minimum I think it needs to handle strings and streams differently. I
will keep your request in mind though...

Incidentally, have you considered making the Numeric import in
pdftools optional? I just commented it out and things worked fine for
me as I wasn't actually accessing page content.

Thanks for your work with pdftools.


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