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>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Eischet <stefan at> writes:

    Stefan> Hi Laura,
    Stefan> what a terrible subject line! ;-)

I used to think that when I first started using UNIX in the mid 80's.
But I am now a hardened child-killer.

    Stefan> I sometimes use os.system with pskill from
    Stefan> -
    Stefan> this should do what you want.

I don't see that it really saves me much over using the cygwin kill

    Stefan> I do get my pid from some spawn-variant, IIRC. This should
    Stefan> be more reliable than killing by name or parsing ps output
    Stefan> (since you might kill the wrong process if there are
    Stefan> multiple processes with the same name).

Yes, that's one of the things I'm worried about.

    Stefan> What exactly doesn't work with your spawning? Could you
    Stefan> post the spawn call you're using?

I'm attaching the test program.  With the commented out call to spawn, it seems to work fine, both on linux and on cygwin.  When I
call the actual program, which reads and writes the serial port and
writes into a postgresql database, as well as to stdout, it doesn't
look like it's invoking the program at all on cygwin.  ( just
writes the date to sdout every 5 seconds.)

The process it spawns doesn't appear on the ps, and no data gets put
in the database or written to stdout.  When it tries to kill the
process it's spawned, I get an error message: "kill 2348: Operation not
permitted", which is different from the message I get if I just kill a
process that doesn't exist, so something is happening, but it isn't
what I want.

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