file IO

Darren Dale dd55 at
Tue Aug 3 19:30:51 CEST 2004

Jeff Epler wrote:
> Are you using Windows?  That would mean the answer is almost certainly
> "something to do with carriage returns and binary vs text mode".  The
> lack of a trailing newline on the last line of your example can also
> make for additional trouble (though my tests on unix, with stdio, mmap,
> and StringIO didn't ever give me a 4-byte file, windows might give you
> the file "a\r\nb" when viewed in binary format, "a\nb" when viewed in
> text format)
> I doubt that the mmap module's readline knows whether the file was
> opened in universal text mode---that's a pure Python invention, while
> mmap takes a file descriptor.

I am using windows (for now), and reading files created on a Linux 
machine. I think you are right, it has something to do with mmap and the 
/r/n windows convention. Thank you (very much) for your response... I am 
sane again.


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