Pyhton Interpreter Startup time

Neil Benn benn at
Thu Aug 12 11:56:49 CEST 2004


          I'm looking at a small app which would need a very quick 
startup time for the Python interpreter.  It doesn't do much (copying 
and caching of files, no GUI) but I need the Python interpreter to start 
up very quickly (<1 second on a Windows box).  Is there a way to have a 
'stripped' down Python interpreter which can start up very quickly on a 
windows box.  Once thing I was thinking of was to use PyExe to make a 
quick startup (does it compile down to C code, therefore not using the 
Python interpreter at runtime?).  Is this a possible solution?

    I observe that the second time I start python it starts up quicker 
but I'm assuming that this is dependent on the environment and can't be 
relied upon (or something like that).

    Thanks, in advance for your help.




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