Maybe, just maybe @decorator syntax is ok after all

Roy Smith roy at
Mon Aug 9 17:27:05 CEST 2004

Michael Ekstrand <python at> wrote:

> Much of that can be accomplished stylistically in the way comments are 
> written (granted, that doesn't accomplish much for existing code that 
> doesn't follow such conventions). But, for example, in my C/C++ code, I 
> always have comments before my functions like so:
> /*
>  * FooClass::foo()
>  *
>  * Fooifies the FooClass instance
>  */
> int FooClass::foo(int parm1, char parm2, char *spam_name)

The problem there is that you need to repeat the name of the function.  
This was one of the very reasons given for wanting to get away from

def foo ():

foo = classmethod (foo)

in the first place.  Not the only reason, by far, but certainly one of 

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