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Mon Aug 2 20:30:21 CEST 2004

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> Hello. I am new to programming and Python and was wondering if someone
> could help get me started. I picked Python to start learning to prgram
> something that has always interested me, but don't have the time to take
> any formal classes. Thanks for the help.

The Python Docs and examples aren't helpful if you don't understand the
basic terms,  and all the "Teach Yourself Python" books etc get way too deep
far too quickly if you've never done any programming before.  So overall,
they don't really help.

As a recent Newbie,  I found this to be a lot of help.  (It covers both your

"Learn to Program Using Python"

I found this to be a nice gentle introduction to Python AND programming,
and it helps makes sense of some of the other documentation out there.    I
would treat it as getting you to an intermediate level in-between "knowing
nothing" and "understanding what the hell the other books, online-docs and
examples are on about"  :-)

You'll be able to write in Python by the end of it.    You would still need
something a bit more in depth afterwards (or maybe the online Docs will be
sufficient for you)  but it won't seem as daunting.

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