Best GUI- Python for children - pygame and blender32

Ian J Cottee ian at
Wed Aug 25 17:23:25 CEST 2004

Andr? Roberge wrote:

> Sorry about the cryptic subject line, but I wanted to capture the
> essence of my message in a single line.
> I am now at the point of writing a "chapter" on GUIs.  I've written a
> few sections about Tkinter but I haven't shown them to my kids yet as
> I am not convinced this is the best way to go; I've read enough about
> anygui, pythoncard, pyui, easygui, not to mention wxpython, etc. to
> instill doubts in my mind.  I can't really afford to take the time to
> learn enough about all of those to make an informed decision on my
> own, decision that I could regret later on.   As long as the chosen
> GUI is as easy as possible to learn but "complete" enough (and fast
> enough as an interface?) to do fun stuff with pygame (and, possibly,
> blender3d, if a separate GUI is needed), I will be satisfied.

The PyGame website lists PyUI -

Never used it but might be worth looking at. Your kids might find 
Tkinter a little 'dry' for games.


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