Py2exe Question - Deployment Advice

Dave Guenthner david at
Sat Aug 14 07:09:02 CEST 2004

I wrote my first Python script today and was very impressed at how
concise the code was and development time.  In addition, I am using
the latest stable version of Python from  Anyway,
when I compiled my file to an exectuable I was horrified to see a
"dist" folder with all kinds of co-reqs etc that had to be distributed
in order for the program to run.

For Perl, I used the Perl2exe product and I was simply given one file
.exe to distribute.  Has anyone one else run into this before /
experienced that.  Is there a way to have just one file?

Enterprise Environment
All Windows desktop / servers w/out Python language installed

My Goal: Evaluating Python and in addition trying to keep potential
pitfalls as simple and concise as possible concerning deployment and

Thanks in advance to all you guru's.


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