Larry Wall & Cults

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>>>On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 14:56:06 -0700, Xah Lee wrote:
>>>> Larry Wall and Cults
>>>> (Lazyness, Impatience and Hubris)
>>>> 200012
>>>> Surely you have heard of Adolf Hitler
>>>> and his atrocities of genocide? I must alert you, that a single person
>>>> couldn't commit such a crime.
>>>Wow, Godwin's law invoked on the first post of the thread.
>> Not quite, no comparison was made; see: 
>Hmm. No explicit comparison was made, but since the post is a cautionary
>tale (well, the post is a rambling mess, but I think it is trying to be a
>cautionary tale) I think the comparison is understood.
>But if the comparison must be explicit, as you seem to be saying, then I
>have to concede the point.

Google for the Godwin's Law FAQ on how to troll on Usenet, mention
Nazis, and not be caught by Godwins' Law. 

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