ANN: Cryptopia 1.0rc2

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Thu Aug 12 00:06:08 CEST 2004


Cryptopia is a Python public key cryptography library which was designed 
around a new wrapper for the GMP library which supports a mutable integer 
type and exports the gmp_rand* functionality. Currently it offers ElGamal and 
RSA encryption/signing support and wrapped key classes for these two public 
key cryptography algorithms which ease safe pickling/unpickling of 
signatures/key data.

Cryptopia will be extended with key management support in the near future 
(signing keys with other keys and a GPG-like trust system).

Cryptopia does not implement symmetric cyphers (such as Blowfish, etc.), and 
probably never will (unless someone else volunteers to do the work ;)).


Cryptopia has been designed and tested on a *nix system, and as such I can 
only be sure that it will build on a *nix system (more specific, Linux and 
Solaris) with libgmp >= 4 installed. Otherwise, Cryptopia does not require 
any special dependencies, except a working C compiler and an installation of 
the Python runtime (distutils).


python install


To download Cryptopia and give it a shot go here:


Cryptopia is licensed under the BSD license. Look into LICENSE (contained in 
the archive) for more info.


Mail me directly. I'd be grateful if I could hear some feedback on 
building/using the library on other machines, esp. Windows.

Further comments

If anybody knows of a better name, feel free to contact me off list. ;)

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