IronPython-0.6 is now available!

gabor farkas gabor at
Mon Aug 9 17:36:02 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 23:53, Neuruss wrote:
> IronPython is currently at a pre-alpha stage suitable for
> experimentation but not for serious development work.

what i wonder is:

1. class libraries..what class libraries should an ironpython developer
the (c)python ones? the dot-net ones?
so ironPython imho does not mean that now we can run our python programs
in dot-net. it means that if someone wants to write a program using
dot-net libraries, he can now use python...

and..well...what i like in python is not just the language syntax. i
also like the way the python libraries are written, that they are very
easy to use and so on.

so for me a python language which runs on the dot-net classes is not
that much interesting..(unless i need to access dot-net classes).
and also... python is nice, but at the point when you will want to write
a class that can be used from other dot-net languages, you will have to
make it dot-net compliant, so you will have to make it statically typed
(i am not sure that i am using the correct terminology here. what i mean
that you will have to specify the types of the variables and function
return values and so on).

the other aspect are for example binginds...

for example GTK.

there is the pyGTK project.
but there is also the gtk# project.

so imagine that i want to create a program using python+gtk. what should
i use? ironPython + gtk#? (c)python + pygtk?
and to look a little bit into the future: should the pygtk devels switch
to gtk# instead? ;)

i don't know what's the good answer...i am just thinking.... made the dot-net thing cross-language, but the class
library was defined/specified imho in a way with is mostly suited only
for java-like languages...


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