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Cousin Stanley cousinstanley at
Wed Aug 25 08:46:31 CEST 2004

  I saw a reference yesterday while reading a Linux news group
  to using  kdialog  in a bash shell script, so I decided to
  try it from Python .... 
    import os

    pipe_in = os.popen( "kdialog --inputbox 'Guido who ?' " )

    reply   = '"' + pipe_in.readline() + '"'

    msg_box = os.system( 'kdialog --msgbox ' + reply )

  This seems to be a fairly easy method 
  for some basic Python GUI programming in Linux
  without digging too deeply into Qt or KDE docs .... 
  kdialog --help      # for a list of other options        

Cousin Stanley
Human Being
Phoenix, Arizona

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